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Monthly Tarotscopes

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Monthly Tarotscopes was created by Lisa

Tarotscopes for December 2020
The last tick on the clock...of the 60 year move onto the Age of Aquarius.
Well, I just could not let the Grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on the Solstice go by without making note of it to you. Some of you have heard me say that the conjunction of these 2 planets happens every 20 years and moves in 200 year increments through the elements. The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius is set with this meeting. The last time they met in this sign was over 600 years ago. Mercury will be right there too, to communicate the offering of peace and advancement for humanity. Many of us felt Mars going direct in Aries, back in mid-November adding some wallop to the more turbulent events in our lives. But things are lining up now and I do believe that Jan.20th at 0º Aquarius we will see the true beginning of a new era for all the things Aquarius stands for.

Aries: The Magician
Finally, some energy to make you feel like you can manage all the things you have on your plate. Use what you know, what experiences you have and the knowledge you have gained to make the most of current situation and responsibilities. By month’s end you should be poised to take on the New Year with grace and a real sense of being able to move forward.

Taurus: 6 of Wands
There will be a series of small victories that come together and prove all you have accomplished over the past year. You have been hosting our chaotic friend Uranus and many things may not have gone exactly as planned, however, you have done a great job of adjusting, re-adjusting and making solid plans, with solid foundations. In true Taurus fashion, you have dealt with changes you might never thought possible and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the New Year won’t be throwing you off course.

Gemini: Strength
Your strength truly is multi-tasking and being able to pay attention to more than one important responsibility at once. This month may test your wits and your compassion as you find yourself dealing with miscommunication and lack of real facts. Others, especially those who should be reporting to you, may be off their game or unable to do their usual work, making it even more challenging to stay on top of things. Do not give in, take a deep breath and find what you need to make things work.

Cancer: The Star
The holiday season may not be all that you have hoped for this year, but I know you will do your best to take care of others and make them feel appreciated. I would also suggest that you spend some energy and money on yourself. If there is something special you have been wishing for, then by all means gift it to yourself and allow yourself to enjoy it. Sometimes we have to realize that taking care of yourself is truly as important as taking care of others.

Leo: The Star
You may see some of your most precious dreams coming true. There is a lot of energy pulling for you this month and if ever there was a time to put forth positive thoughts and manifest something, now is it! I can see you setting forth a great plan for 2021 and know that your year ahead will not be anywhere as difficult as 2020 was for you. Make hay while the Sun shines dear Leo as the Sun is your ruling planet after all.

Virgo: 8 of Wands
For as long as you may have felt pent up and captive…look out! You might feel like you have been pulled backwards, like the rock in a sling shot, being aimed. And now, whoosh you are flying towards targets you set for yourself and blowing them away. Seriously I think you will be very happy and slightly amazed at all you can accomplish this month.

Libra: 10 of Wands
Tuned into all that is going on is both a blessing and a curse. You might need to step back and take inventory. What things that are happening truly effect you or someone important to you? Other things like work things, that do not bring harm to you may need to be set aside. It’s time to carry you own burdens and lay down the burdens of others. I know you care and again this can be a blessing and a curse. But, it is time to release what you cannot control.

Scorpio: Queen of Wands
Others may not really understand how deep your feelings run. Others may not understand that your Mar/Pluto rulers offers you intense energy for defense and destruction. Your challenge, as usual, will be not to destroy yourself in the process of taking down the ones who need the reality check. I think you might also perceive that someone has betrayed you, but before you cut them off, calmly confront them and get them to explain their actions. There may be more to the situation and the information could allow for healing.

Sagittarius: 5 of Wands
There might not be a way to keep the peace until after Venus arrives on the 16th, even then things might be filled with a tension or at the very least dual energy. You may be the only one walking the line between sides, both at home and on the work front. I suggest that you let them all duke it out and stay in your neutral corner. This way where-ever it shakes out you will be welcome in that camp.

Capricorn: 8 of Pentacles
Abundance after much hard work. There is an air of recognition coming your way. You will need to be gracious, even to those that had lost the faith long ago. Time to reassess who you let enjoy your spoils and who really needs a reminding of having to do the work for themselves. I’m sure you can manage to be diplomatic.

Aquarius: 7 of Swords
I know you are inspired to be a loving and giving person, especially this time of year, but…please do not give away more than you can really afford to or let someone borrow something, unless you’ll be ok with never getting it back. It is also not a good time to loan money unless you can afford to make a gift. One the other hand I do think this is a time of people being very generous to you or working on your behalf. Say “thank you” and let yourself enjoy the gifts.

Pisces: Queen of Pentacles
I know it’s hard, but you have to remember to ground and reset, pretty much on a daily basis. This month could be the most challenging of the year for you, so tune into your deep sense of knowing and allow yourself to feel confident about what you have discerned. You are so sensitive dear Pisces, you must use this for your own good and not just the benefit of others.
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