Church of The Eternal Circle

For more than 22 years we have held teaching circles for the Sabbats and many Esbats. All of our gatherings are presented from a traditional Wiccan perspective and honor a Celtic Pantheon.

In March 2008 our Circle was officially recognized as a church in New York State and has since gone on to achieve Federal recognition by attaining 501[c](3) status.

Our membership is growing all the time and we would love to welcome you into our circle. Whether you are a 'crusty old witch', a solitary looking for a group or are completely new to the path, we invite you to join our gatherings and share in our magickal energy.

As preservers of the path, we are dedicated to growing our Priesthood from within our congregation through many years of dedication and hard work.

For more information on our Church or to find out how you can become involved, please call us on (845) 857-8888